Dog grooming

Holistic 1:1 grooming

We want to minimise the stress to every dog we groom as much as possible that's why we operate a 1 to 1 experience for your dog and the groomer.

As soon as your dog arrives at our salon our head groomer Anna will greet and discuss any specific requirements with you.   We use the very best natural shampoos, the quietest drying equipment available and even have a hydro bath that gently massages your dog at the same time and getting a good clean.

All our grooming packages include a wash and conditioning treatment, nails trimmed & teeth cleaned.

More FAQ's about our grooming

Walk-in services

No appointment needed

Nail clip £10

Teeth cleaning £10

Face or feet tidy (15 min) £20

ultrasound teeth cleaning

Free consultation

Cleans without  vibration or noise

Removes plaque and tartar

Helps prevent gingivitis, kills bacteria

Cleans by using micro-bubbles

£30 per session

£75 for 3 sessions 

puppy love

Ask about our FREE orientation session.

Introduce your puppy to the salon environment, let them take in the sights, smells & sounds of the salon

(no grooming involved)

Wash & tidy up £35

Full groom from £45

toy & small dogs

Wash from £30

Full groom from £45

Tidy up from £35

medium & large dogs


Wash from £35

Full groom from £50

Tidy up from £45


Wash from £40

Full groom from £60

Tidy up from £50

extra large dogs

Short hair

Wash & tidy from £45

Long hair

Wash from £60

Full groom from £70

Tidy up from £60


Grooming prices depend on the dog breed, size, condition of the coat and techniques used to achieve the desired finish. 

Our head groomer Anna can work to breed standard cuts and specialises in hand stripping, and Asian fusion grooming.






Wandsworth, London

England, United Kingdom

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