Frequently asked questions

What products do you use to groom my dog?

We use Milly's dog grooming products. Hypoallergenic, natural vegan friendly and made in the UK Milly's is our first choice for shampoo and perfume products. With aloe vera and neem oil they are suitable for all coats and sensitive skin types.

How long will the groom take?

We spend one to one time with your dog and will take about 2 hours to complete a full groom and wash session.

Will my dog be stressed during their groom?

Every dog reacts differently to being groomed, and some may become a little stressed. We have a holistic approach that aims to minimise pressure and stress to your dog and the groomer by operating one to one grooming in a relaxed and open environment.

What is a Hydrobath?

A hydrobath gently massages the dog's skin and penetrates the coat by spraying water at light pressure to evenly distribute shampoo. Our Purple Paws hydrobath also saves water by recirculating the shampoo through the wash tank until we are ready for a final rinse.

Do you use holding pens or cages?

No, we have a holistic approach to grooming and want to minimise stress wherever possible for your dog. After your dog has been groomed it can relax in our play area or enjoy a sniff outdoors in our pooch patio.

Do you use cage dryers?

No, as we have a holistic approach to grooming we do not feel the need for such equipment. We have invested in purchasing the best quality blast and finishing dryers that have the quietest motors possible to help improve the grooming experience.

What is a full groom?

A Full grooming session includes; Wash and full trim to your specifications Teeth brushed Ears cleaned Nails cut