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What is Holistic 1:1 Grooming?


Holistic 1:1 grooming is a personalised experience where each dog receives individual attention from the groomer.

With one grooming table per room, the focus is solely on the dog's needs, minimising anxiety and creating a relaxing environment. 

This approach ensures that every grooming session is tailored to the specific requirements and comfort of each furry friend.

One to one grooming service

We are London's leading one-to-one dog groomers. We offer personalized care and attention to each client and their furry companion.

One-to-one grooming allows for individualized attention to each dog, creating a more comfortable experience for the pups and ensuring their specific grooming needs are met.

Each groomer has their own dedicated space, ensuring a tranquil environment that reduces distractions and stress for the dogs. It allows the groomers to focus entirely on the pet they're grooming, providing individualized attention without any added pressure or interruptions.

We also offer a selection of additional services to complement your grooming, such as de-shedding or soothing mineral mud bath treatments.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning for your dogs is an important part of their grooming routine. Consult with us to assess your dog's suitability for booking a teeth cleaning session.

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